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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Trike Plans on Thingiverse




Storage area in aerodynamic tailbox

Over the last few weeks I have been putting plans for my recumbent trike  - as shown above -  on the internet thingiverse site. Here is the address, . The plans are not completely finished, but I thought it would never be finished or even started if I kept it on my computer till everything was completely ready.

This is the trike I rode recently in a 200k hilly Great Ocean Road (Victoria, Australia) Audax ride and also a 1200k flat, windy Murray Tour ride. The only difference is that a fairing was fitted to the trike on these rides.

For now, the thingiverse pages are almost done, and I will polish off the rest soon, but here is the to do list.

Trike pics: Update on thingiverse as per photos above.

Steerer: This is mostly made by cobbling together parts from scooters, so I won't do formal drawings of the parts, just a pdf with descriptions like I did for the forks. But here are a few links to my blog. First steerer using up to date parts, and 2nd steerer  , these contain most of the info needed. Usually I drill through the steerer to hide the cables as well, the end result is shown in the pics but the process it not described that I could find.

Big picture: I'm interested in highlighting where different technologies can be used to make the various parts described on thingiverse, and . As an example the trike has cast aluminium bearing housings and it would be interesting to know if a version of these could be 3d printed at home.
I'd also like to promote the use of my plans in schools. The complete set of plans involve aluminium tube drilling and sawing, aluminium casting, 3d printing, sourcing parts and assembly of timber components.

A miniature of the same trike is available as well as the full scale trike, here is the link, , read the summary first! 

Could you help me please: If you have links for diy recumbents on thingiverse or elsewhere, or schools teaching recumbent building (I did find this one) in classes, please let me know, cesnur the at symbol  iimetro  dott com dott au


Steve Nurse

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