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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bennett Bike

Surf Check with Simon B.

More or less as it came from a hard rubbish pile.  I had pumped up the tyres and that was about it.  First voyage was an epic journey of about 1.5k.

These days I am more or less immune from picking up old bikes from rubbish piles but occasionally something good comes up and I can't resist.  This is my latest find, a Bennett 3 speed family bike, there were 3 bikes on a hard rubbish pile near our place and I picked the best one. 

Having aquired one bike, another has got to go, and I will be selling the Bullock bike detailed here.  The Bullock is really too good for me to own, someone else can look after her.


Steve Nurse

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wooden Bikes at Melburn Custom Bicycle Show

1890's Bamboo bike from the Farren Collection



#3, A Vaughan Plycycle.

#4, Bamboo and carbon Cyclocross

A 36" big-wheeled mountain bike with custom aluminium suspension forks from Fikas

Bowls in the middle of the Velodrome.  None of the bowlers were paying any attention to the bike observers and the feeing was pretty mutual.

My newest trike.  Note Spokey Dokes!
Lyrebird Frame and tube sample. The tube is very light with carbon and veneer layers.  There is a little bit about lyrebird cycles here and the build process (which makes my build process look incredibly simple) here .

Lyrebird Cycle under Construction

Lyrebird bikes

1890's Bamboo bike, obverse.

A couple of days ago, I received an email notification that this event was on and I pootled up to see it, (a few km away) and saw friends Peter Falconer, Chook and Matt Benn up there.  Lots of nice bikes, creative in the frame material department, a bit less so in the frame configuration department.  Anyway, it was an enjoyable time, I got to visit the dumpster, the bakery and the op shop on the way up there too.


Steve Nurse

Audax Vest

Modified Audax Vest


A few months ago, I bought a cheapy night visibility vest at an Audax event, and I wore it occasionally.  But this winter, I've been commuting to and from Uni, and it means riding home in the dark every night.  The straps holding the vest at the bottom were too high up to secure it easily, so I set about changing it.  The photo is of my second and best attempt at fixing it.  I used some velcro sourced from a bmx handlebar protector in this rework.

The small red bits of velcro are the "sticky hard" part and the long bits are soft velcro.  This minimises the chance of the sticky bits sticking and tangling on other things when you don't want them to.

Really, I don't mind helmeting and thoroughly daglowing and lighting up when I ride a bike.  My bike is a geek bike anyway, by riding it I'm rebelling anyway, and I probably look like a dork when I'm riding it, and helmets and bright clothes won't make my any more dorky.   Here is a link to a recent storm in a teacup about Australian Helmet laws.

Menwhile, Louis Vuitton, you know my number.


Steve Nurse