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Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 OzHpv Challenge Day 2

Sunday morning at the start line

Akis bike and Graham at the start

Lloyd (Blurry) a bit in front of me and Andrew (Blurry) a lot in front of me, on the way back to the start line

Graham (Foreground), Lloyd (Background)

Lloyd at the turnaround.  It was getting warm, and race or no race, some of the 5 or so layers have to come off.

At the end

Aki, last in but well supported.

Here is the final report on the ozhpv Challenge for 2014.  Yesterday with Christine I drove 440ks home from Corryong and had packing and unpacking to do as well as ride in a 20k road race so was too tired to blog when we got home.

There were 2 races on the final day, and they were a 20k road race with a timed "special stage" which was a couple of hundred metre downhill stretch.  There was very little equipment involved (2 stop watches).

We all started the longer race at the same time and George drove ahead to marshall at the turnaround point.  Lloyd, Graham and Andrew were ahead of me and Damian and Aki a bit behind.  Aki was last over the line but it was a very good effort for him, he had never ridden over 20k on the bike before.  Everything was over by about 11am including the presentations.  Now (drum roll please) for the results.  There should be more details available soon on the OzHpv site.

So, um, all for this year.  I'm hanging up my hat as organiser of the Challenge after 3 years and doing the extra work of moving the event to Corryong from Wodonga this year .  Everybody who came enjoyed themselves, with good company, good weather and spectacular scenery all helping. Long may the Challenge grow and prosper!


Steve Nurse

Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 OzHpv Challenge Day 1

Day 1 results summary

Christine's Trivia Quiz, L to R, Christine, Graham, Damian, George, Lloyd, Aki.

At the Corryong Hotel-Motel

Andrew in the Slalom

Aki Kubota, with a bike I had sold him on ebay.

Damian Harkin

Damian and Andrew

Corryong Football Pavillion, a sister to the Race Pavillion at Towong but (sadly) condemmed.

Damian Harkin and one of the world's most obscure signs.

The Gang

Lloyd and Aki, Shopping Race. Note Holographic sticky tape on Aki's wheels!
Hi, A great day's racing at Corryong Airfield today.  Andrew Stewart is leading the field from Graham Signiorini.  I managed to win the shopping race.  There was a pitch invasion (Echidna) during the 200m sprint.

More Photos and results tommorrow as they come in.


Steve Nurse

Friday, September 26, 2014

Challenge Prelude

Magnificent Towong Racetrack Pavillion, George's Cruzbike Sigma in front.

One of the Upper Murray lookouts.  George (seated), and I chatted to this guy for 1/2 hour or so.  He is a service mechanic on his way to fix some refrigeration machinery in Khankoban.

Picturesque Garage Sale in Corryong

Not all bicycling, although I wish it were.  Carrying my bike and a supporting plastic table, near Lake Hume and Bellbridge.

Cattle being herded on the way to Walwa.

Most times, the road from Bellbridge to Towong provides a view like this, of Lake Hume or the Upper Murray.


3 Op shops and a bookshop, all close to each other in Benella.

Here are some photos taken in the days leading up to the 2014 OzHpv Challenge.  Christine and I are settled in to Corryong for a few nights, having driven up form Benella yeasterday.  Today George Durbridge and I rode to check out the course for the time trial to be held on Sunday, and took in some of the local sights.  Damian Harkin and Graham Signiorini arrived and had dinner with Chistine and me.  Competition starts tomorrow!


Steve Nurse

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Benella to Millawa

Tried to photograph some birds while riding, but this is the best I got.

And tried to photograph Kangaroos as well.  Despite attempting to take photos of roos today (saw 2 mobs while riding) they bounded away.  1 group was next to the hume highway and while immune to truck noise, felt threatened by a yellow-jacketed cyclist wielding a camera.  This photo of roos is a "here's one I've prepared earlier" one, take near Castlemaine of slightly more docile animals.

This is the delta trike I took on the ride, approaching Millawa.  Its my ride for the OzHpv Challenge as well.

My wife Christine and friend Deb Callister at our lunch destination, Millawa Cheese Factory

Road in to Millawa

My wife Christine and I are travelling at the moment, on our way up to Corryong and the ozhpv challenge.  Last night and tonight we are staying with a friend in Benella, and today I rode out to Millawa, where I met the others for lunch.  Chose a fairly direct route there, but the maps forgot to tell me they were bumpy dirt roads, so the trip there was a bit longer than anticipated.  Never mind!

Lunch was excellent and I chose to go back by the similarly direct and much less bumpy and much busier and much quicker and much more populated by service stations where you can buy Coca Cola  Hume Highway.  Knackered when I got back though.

Will report more on the Challenge and the lead up to it shortly.


Steve Nurse

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Preparing for OzHpv Challenge


Its about a week out from the OzHpv Challenge in Corryong  which I've been busy organising for a few months now.  Entries are trickling in and it was great to talk and ride with to Graham Signiorini who is coming up and also to help organise things for Aki Kubota to travel up there.  Aki will get a train to Albury, stay overnight with Lloyd on Friday and come to the Challenge Saturday.  He has 3 recumbents, one of mine, a vintage Roulandt and a home made trike, all purchased at no great expense.  I wish I could bottle his enthusiasm and spread it around!

I went on a "Be Spon" ride and then travelled home on the "unlikely trike", stopping at a few op shops and Aldi on the way home.  The afternoon was spent very pleasantly - my neighbour Stu had given me a fixie bike from the dumpster down the road, and I spent some time fixing it, finding more bits for it down the dumpster and lastly finding some nice bike wheels for Stu for one of his bike projects.  All sorts of things get picked up and dropped off at the dumpster and on Sunday this included a dead cat!

The photo down the bottom shows some witches hats to be used for the Challenge.  Ok, they are flower containers.  Ok, they will need rock in them.  But they should work!

A fixie bike repaired at the weekend.  A broken chain and crank were the only real problems.
Part of the ozhpv timing gear, went through and replaced batteries, checked connections etc. on it.  Its working well now and I even know how to use it!

Start of the B-Spon ride.  Quite a gathering.

Graham Signiorini and some public bike tools in the City of Maribyrnong.  We went past this place a bit further down the track, it warrants further investigation

Graham and his electric Chopper bike.  Only one speed but he's quite quick on the damn thing.  He only used electric on the hills...

A gizmo I made for mounting bikes on the roof of our car.  Didn't work too well with this bike, but it may work a bit better with others.  Probably won't use it this weekend.

Witches Hats to be used in the Challenge as traffic management.  Ok, they are plastic Flower Pots.  Most came from the tip shop, 10 or 20c each.