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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Moulton from Broadford part 1


New and old Sturmey Archer AW Hub controllers

Just a bit.....

agricultural in ....

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Last week I saw an ad on Facebook marketplace for an interesting bike, and thought I might buy it, although I don't really need another bike! I waited till I had got rid of some commitments, and after that the bike was still for sale so I contacted the seller, and a day later I have the bike back in Melbourne with me. Its been good fun to work on sofar, with a stuck cotterpin the only real problem.

To justify buying it I am planning to offload all my Peugeot NS7 folding bike stock - that is 1 bike and about 3 frames, 4 wheels and numerous parts.

Washing the drive side crank ......

while trying to extricate the other one.

Here are a few repair photos. The cranks are different on each side, one crank was wobbly, and on the other crank the cotter pin is stuck. I have oiled it and waggled it with vicegrips and hit it with a hammer to try to get the $%^& of a thing out. Excuse my french.

Update August 18

After realising I didn't have a good gearcable, or tyres or tubes for the Moulton, I ordered some online, and paused work on it for a while. By then I had removed, cleaned and regreased the bottom bracket. So by today the tyres and tubes had arrived, I did some final frame cleaning and fitted the pedals and chain and front brake. After that I wanted to head out on a HUGE trip to the op shop to buy my dad some tracksuit pants, but only made it round the corner and the chain started clunking, so I finished the shopping on my recumbent. The bike as is shown below. I've stolen my very best old-style-seat-with-saddle-bag from another bike and put it on the Moulton. Will keep working on it!