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Monday, October 31, 2022

A new vintage


Velamo Hub, a slightly closer look might reveal the year of manufacture

Distinctive notched seat lug

As traded

cranks - pedals are surprisingly good

After a small amount of work

Suntour skitter derailleur circa 1968


Firstly, an apology!  My last post about Macini bikes wound up in my Design Blog, where as it should have been posted here. No big deal, hope you will find it anyway! 

Back to this post - Riding back from some friends' place while visiting Aireys Inlet I came across a shedful of stuff - all free!  Included was this bike of unknown brand and origin. Anyway, it seems quite ok, and a little bit of a resto should fix it.  As well as the bike, another aquistition has been most of a Suntour Skitter derailleur. I am thinking of an unholy resto with 700c aluminium rimmed wheels, the Suntour derailleur and the rescued bike frame. Progress sofar has been good, with the often - stuck steerer stem being easy to remove from the forks. Pedals are impressive too - although very rusty outside, the bearings seem ok, and they should be salvageable. Wish me luck!



Saturday, October 29, 2022

A different land


OzHPV challenge, Corryong. Christine holding court with Graham, Damian, George, Lloyd, Aki.

Grandma Chris

For a while we had a rickshaw

Christine rode a bike for a while, she was very brave doing this!



 Just now, I have posted on my design blog about my wife and partner of 34 years, Christine passing away. So only 4 pics here, please wander over to my design blog for more. Miss you Christine!