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Monday, November 28, 2011

Tweed Ride v. Futurebike 3000

Just one detail from one of the many historical bikes on the ride.
Alan B. and Robert W. discuss bike design
I posed for this one, my bike in action, Robert W. Photo
Paul Farren mounts his steed
About 140 years of cycling history side by side
(Green trike is Alan Ball's creation the Evolve trike)
More Motley crew.  Robert from the Vichpv ride is behind Alan, I'm on the right, Robert W. Photo
Mr. Very Impressive (at right, in dress) steals the scene &blows fashion out of the water.

On Sunday, my friend Robert Waryszak called a ride for recumbents and others that went along the banks of Gardiner's Creek and The Yarra River.  There had been heavy rain the day before to the extent that the creek had burst its banks and there was still mud and water over the bike track in places.  Arriving at the start point, several would be-riders started ringing Robert on his mobile asking if the ride was going ahead.  Of course it was!  We got only a few spits of rain, but we only had 4 riders on the Vichpv ride, myself, Robert W., Alan B. and another Robert who joined us along the way. 

Anyway from "The Age Newspaper" I knew that a Tweed (dress conservatively and old school with bike to match) ride was being held at Federation Square from 11:30 the same day and our own small ride took a diversion to see what was going on.  Lots of people there.  Lots of fashion!  See here for more fashion oriented pages.  Not sure that Very or myself would've made it onto these pages.  Oh well, we will just get on with our lives and live and breathe another day.

Steve Nurse

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Painted! Named! Eastlink!

Part of the painted Bike with "Monarch" sticker (Bike painted through Bikes De Ver)

At Richmond Station: Hmmm!  Hmmm.  Hmmm?

A flag was compulsory for recumbents on the Eastlink Ride, this is the flag I made. 
One of the fast-finishing recumbent riders from Phantom HPV


In contrast with the last post's not very exciting pictures, I have been out and around today at the 37k ride on the Eastlink tollway.  The whole tollway was closed, it is 3 lanes wide, so the ride is on as smooth as fast a surface as you could wish for.

There were 3 distances for the ride, 75, 37 & 15k, and I was on the 37k ride mainly because I had agreed to be part of the "Cruzbike Team".  As it turned out I saw Kim Tolhurst and a few of the other Cruzbike riders as we got off the train near the ride but lost track of them soon after.  

At the start of the ride I took a few photos before heading off into the crush of people at the start.  After a little wait, we were away, the bike going very well throughout the ride.  Only a few people were passing me but there weren't many "serious" riders on the 37k ride.  My overall time was 1 hour 10 minutes for the distance, about 32kph average.

Ok, till next time! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Progress on Repairs

Suspension before change

New Derailleur Post at Front

Seat after

As mentioned in the previous post , with much attention lavished on my new bike, my old bike had been sadly neglected.  So in the last week or so I have been fixing things or "putting on new things that don't quite work yet".  In the latter category we have the derailleur post, up till now my long wheelbase recumbents have existed with a single chainring on the front and I'm attempting to fit a double chainring and derailleur to the bike.  Not quite there yet, as we have it now, the front wheel takes out a standard derailleur as it turns during steering.  Hmmm, might be better to fix the broken things first, the seat had been a bit wonky and stripping away all the corflute revealed the seat had been held on by 1 nut and a watchstrap!  After some fixing that is remedied, we now have 8 nuts and a watchstrap!  As well there is a bit of timber reinforcing the front of the seat, I think it looks cool and I'll probably put the same thing on the new bike.  All for now!

Seat Before