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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Greenspeed Handcycle, Port Melbourne


Today I was at work, supervising some volunteers and helping new volunteers at Back2bikes. I opened the door to find this machine, a Handcycle from revered ex-Australian maker Greenspeed. This is the second handcycle to come through Back2bikes, and it has chunky tyres, making it a bit like a fat trike. But of course it came before fat trikes were even a thing. 

So its got a 5 speed Sachs hub with derailleur gearing and cable brake. I had heard of 3 speed gearboxes with derailleur gearing and even had a short lived Sturmey Archer model on a bike at one stage (a mention of it is here )  Also at one stage I had a 5 speed gearbox. But this beast is quite new to me.

The bike is being capably restored by Ian Winch and Ian Bray. The front discs brakes are both operated by the same handle which is stuck, and the hub changer is broken. Ian W is confident both can be fixed!

I had a go, it was lots of fun. One of our volunteers, Ariel also enjoyed herself on the trike.

Regards  Steve Nurse