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Sunday, April 7, 2024

Cruzbike mod



About this time last year, I fixed up a Cruzbike, and have now started a new mod on that bike.The upgrade is to accept one of my plywood tailboxes, which carry about 50 litres and provide a full aerodynamic tailbox behind the seat.  I have been thinking of this for a while and have only been on it seriously for the last week or so. Firstly I reinforced the front seat area, then I brazed and bended a tube to support the back of the seat, and finally printed a (white) spacer to go between the seat and the support. For now I am waiting, the existing Cruzbike shocker would not allow the 'box to clear the back wheel, so I am waiting on a new shocker. Regards  Steve Nurse

Update, May 3, 2025

The bike is finished and on the road now. I put a bit of effort into it and repaired the corner of the tailbox and tried to make sure there were no pointy screw ends luring inside the tailbox. I went for a few tests rides on the hilly Kew Boulevarde near where I live and the main impression was that it was quite smooth riding up hills and relatively easily to maintain 10kph on hills. In my mostly untrained state, I thought I did well to get a 17.3kph average speed over about 24k.

If I have time to work on the bike, I will change it from its current 26 / 20 config to 20 / 16". That should lower the seat a bit and make it a bit faster.


Steve Nurse