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Monday, January 25, 2016

2015 Summary

Bus Extrusion Recumbent trike and Jacaranda trees in December.  Its late January now, Jacarandas no longer in bloom.

"Single Sheet" trike at Monash University Caulfield.  The frame and seat frame are made from a single sheet of 4mm plywood
"Single Sheet" bike frames.  The one in front suffered from insufficient reinforcement and broke while the one behind is being finished off.  It's fully reinforced in the rear axle section shown here......

and in the headtube and bottom bracket shown here.
Ewan and Phe's wedding rehearsal. 

The time rolls on pretty quickly and its the start of another year.  Here is the link to last year's list, most of which I didn't do.  I did make some interesting bikes but haven't blogged about them too much, prefering to write about things than work rather than works in progress.

The second version of the bike made using a single sheet of NC routed ply for the frame is shown above.  The first frame I made cracked but this one is still going strong and I'm gradually improving it.

The trike I made using an aluminium trike extrusion normally used in bus construction is still going well but its more an "idea for future versions of trike" than something I use all the time.

I did an Audax 200k ride on yet another trike in August and hope to do some more Audax's this year.  The 1200k Great Southern Randonee is on November and needs a 600k qualifying ride to start.  I'm interested in going in it but it will need a lot of work.

In March I have a Uni exam and will be concentrating on that for now.

Our son Ewan was married to the wonderful Phoebe in December and my wife Christine and I are very proud and happy for them. 

Till next time and stay safe!

Steve Nurse