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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Indian Avon Roadster

Bike near to where I found her.
Nice markings on pedal and chainring - the hubs are Avon branded too........

but you can't see the nice bit of the chainring from the other side, or remove the chainguard without removing the pedal first....

and this is where she came from, here is the website and she resembles this and this bike which are still sold in India.  To buy one in Australia, rock arount to these guys.

Hamming it up!  This is the Australian.........

application for this style of bike.  (I am pretending to be) Gathering produce and picnics down a not too taxing country lane.
A small spider-inhabitant.


Although I resolved a few weeks ago to rid myself of several bicycles, the opposite has occured, and the count is at +3 instead of the intended -2.  This Avon bike is one of the positives.

For a while I have been interested in abandoned, locked up bicycles and how they deteriorate, so after seeing this one on my bike commute, snapped off a picture.  To my surprise, she wasn't locked up, but I didn't thing much more of it.  A few days later, after dropping some books at an Op-shop in the car, there she was again, this time on a nearby, different, slightly busier street.  Someone was obviously saying "please take her" and on this occasion I answered "oh, allright".

Its been a week or so since then, and being a weekend I had a chance to fix her up and check her out properly. The bike is a modern-ish Indian remake of a classic 1950-s English roadster. In India they cost about $85 new , but I have a question, why, if they are ever-green roadsters are they mainly painted red or black?

Not much fixing required!  The tyres have woods valves, but with an adapter I could pump them up and the tyres hold air.  And the chain was rusty, I took it off, washed it in turps, scrubbed it a bit and added grease.  Next came a test ride - all good and a very cheerful old clunker to ride.  The brakes work fine, but the seat height is a bit high for a ladies bike and the seat springs bottom out under my 80-something kg weight.

Anyway, for the moment at least, this one is a sharer and a keeper.


Steve Nurse