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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wooden Bike Mk2 Part 7

Brackets and Marked up timber.....

Went in to making a new rear triangle

Held together in the middle by (you guessed it) bits of wood.

My last post detailed how after making most of the bike, part of it was a bit wobbly and needed to be rebuilt.  At least, it needed rebuilding if the bike was not to remain a novelty item!  So I bought some more (35 X 90mm? timber,  same as the main beam anyway) and have been sawing, drilling, filing, sanding away at it to make a new rear triangle.  There are brackets which will carry the weight of the bike which needed tapping, filling, brazing, grinding, predrilling and lastly attaching.  Sofar so good and I have broken the back of the work.  For the moment I plan to have the rear wheel removeable only by removing one of the side bits of timber first.  Not much more to do and cross fingers it works.  As always will report more later. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Victoria Folding Bikes

Detail of Blue Bike

Red Bike with pump

Saddle Bag!

Blue Bike

Oh crap, I broke it, no, its just the way it folds, I mean separates.


If you are a regular visitor to this site you will realise I am a folding and small wheel bike fan, and I really like the older ones with cool technology.  I've had or have Viscount Spacemaster, Vairas, Panasonic, Bickerton, Malvern Star Folding bikes, to name a few.  I regularly scour ebay for nice examples.  A few models have been adapted as fashion items (Peugeot N Series, Moulton, Raleigh 20, Bickerton) and bring reasonable prices. Here is a local Melbourne Blog dedicated to small wheel bikes.

So the latest bikes to pass through the gates are a couple of 24", 2 speed (Sachs kickback gearchange with coaster hub built in),  German, "Victoria Brand" separable bikes, which were on ebay for about $40.00 each.  Both come from the Ringwood area, one was from  Mitcham and the other from Mooroolbark.  Maybe there was a gung-ho Victoria bike seller in Ringwood 40 years ago.  The bikes separate in the manner of some "Super Elliot" folders I've seen. 

The red bike has lights that work,  the better frame and a stand and racks complete with ocky straps but a torn seat, broken chain guard and no pump or saddle bag.  The blue bike has a pump, saddle intact,  saddle bag, better tyres, but no stand or front rack and the chain guard is intact but fragile.  So I should be able to make one very good 24" Victoria folder and one very fun hack bike. Red at the front and blue at the back, the essence of Modular bikes!

Will report on fixing the bikes and take some photos out and about with it later.  Meanwhile, here are a few links.

Another folding bike from Victoria 
Video of a 20" Victoria.
Victoria factory on Wikipedia
Victoria bikes official website.  No folders here but some nice low stepthrough city bikes

All for now.

Steve Nurse

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Billy Minto's Bikes

Billy Minto's first recumbent
Hi, one of the pleasures of writing a blog is staying in contact with other bike builders, seeing their creations and generally yammering on about bicycles to people.  Billy Minto from Scotland has sent me a few emails and bought my book .  He keeps a blog here and has built neat bamboo bikes.  Billy's recent post about his "Flying Gate" bike and time trials modifications is very inspiring and great fun.
Here is Billy's description of his first recumbent: (Steve: Thats a big bike, can I use it in my blog?)
"Yes of course, happy for you to use the pic.  Yes it is pretty big,
nearly 2 metres wheelbase! - will be interesting to see how it handles. The rear stays, drivetrain and fork are from an aly road bike. Seat is 9mm ply with padding from a kiddies EVA play mat.  The main tube is bamboo, 55-60mm dia. I had hoped to get away with a single tube but it wasn't stiff enough - 65mm dia would probably have done it. I've stiffened by "truss-ifying". The tension members are carbon kite spars which I picked up pretty cheap.
Cheers, Billy

So Billy keep on rolling!

 Best Wishes

Steve Nurse

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wooden Bike Mk2 Part 6

Almost finished in the back yard

Material for new rear triangle
Graham Signiorini and his "new" Baron lowracer purchased through ozhpv , (one of my bikes is still there for sale.)
Back in the yard for a tuneup after a few blockies.


 Over the last week or so I have been finishing my bike, installing the pedals, chain, disk brake, Schlumpf bottom baracket,  handlebars etc. and adapting some short cranks to fit on the Schlumpf.

A few days ago I went to try to ride it in the street but the seat was too far back and the rear wheel mount was wobbly.  So no progress riding it.

Today I had a bit more time and fixed up the seat, tightened a loose pedal and tightened up bolts and added a bit of wood to stiffen up the rear wheel mount.  The bike's rideable now, most of the gears work and the brake works but the rear wheel mount remains stubbornly wobbly.  The bikes fine for going round the block but longer rides are out.  I think buiding a new rear triangle will be necessary and will be doing that soon.

I have a medium term goal of riding the bike 200k, and the Audax August Winter surf ride of 200k from Williamstown to Torquay seems like a good one to aim for.  Will keep you posted.