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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wooden Bike Mk2 Part 6

Almost finished in the back yard

Material for new rear triangle
Graham Signiorini and his "new" Baron lowracer purchased through ozhpv , (one of my bikes is still there for sale.)
Back in the yard for a tuneup after a few blockies.


 Over the last week or so I have been finishing my bike, installing the pedals, chain, disk brake, Schlumpf bottom baracket,  handlebars etc. and adapting some short cranks to fit on the Schlumpf.

A few days ago I went to try to ride it in the street but the seat was too far back and the rear wheel mount was wobbly.  So no progress riding it.

Today I had a bit more time and fixed up the seat, tightened a loose pedal and tightened up bolts and added a bit of wood to stiffen up the rear wheel mount.  The bike's rideable now, most of the gears work and the brake works but the rear wheel mount remains stubbornly wobbly.  The bikes fine for going round the block but longer rides are out.  I think buiding a new rear triangle will be necessary and will be doing that soon.

I have a medium term goal of riding the bike 200k, and the Audax August Winter surf ride of 200k from Williamstown to Torquay seems like a good one to aim for.  Will keep you posted.   


  1. Hi Steve, looks good. on the rear triangle stiffness (or lack of) I think if you add square/rectangle bit of ply from one side to the other just in front of the wheel mounted vertical, maybe with small routed grooves and glued in with a good glue it might stop the 2 sides of the triangle from rotating and keep the wheel triangle more stiff (ie cross bracing).

    It looks from the picture that you only have 2 bolts in the center keeping the 2 sides together, bolts on thin wood will not really stop rotational forces that the wheel will apply to the triangle.

    If it is not enough then you could extend the cross bracing in a curve over the wheel (including the 2 side triangles) that could double as a mudflap

  2. Hi Brad On the way home from a ride today I got some timber & brackets for a new rear triangle. Will add a picture soon. The timber is just the same as the main boom timber, 35 x 90mm pine. A 1.8m bit of the timber fitted in the back of my current bike. Not really going for light weight or grest finesse here, just something that will do the job