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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wooden Bike Mk2 Part 7

Brackets and Marked up timber.....

Went in to making a new rear triangle

Held together in the middle by (you guessed it) bits of wood.

My last post detailed how after making most of the bike, part of it was a bit wobbly and needed to be rebuilt.  At least, it needed rebuilding if the bike was not to remain a novelty item!  So I bought some more (35 X 90mm? timber,  same as the main beam anyway) and have been sawing, drilling, filing, sanding away at it to make a new rear triangle.  There are brackets which will carry the weight of the bike which needed tapping, filling, brazing, grinding, predrilling and lastly attaching.  Sofar so good and I have broken the back of the work.  For the moment I plan to have the rear wheel removeable only by removing one of the side bits of timber first.  Not much more to do and cross fingers it works.  As always will report more later. 

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