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Monday, December 24, 2018

New Bike Seat Part 3

Soaking 2 plywood pieces so....

I can bend them like this.....

and this.......

to make this.

Art Tram

Thumbs Up!

List of things to fix became long enough I needed to write them down.


I broke up from work a few days ago so have had some time to work on my NC routed seat kit, moving the pre-prepared 2d bits into 3 dimensions.  To do this, I needed to soak some of the timber, and this worked well.  From a previous occasion when I bent timber for the same purpose, I had made a timber bath from corflute, and I resurrected that (a bit dusty!) from the side of the house and it still worked.

So sofar everything is stuck together with cable ties, and I documented 6 different issues with the design. At a couple of points just behind the seat there are some plates glued together and the timber will end up 4 layers thick there, much more than is needed, and I plan to make a 3d printed feature insert for this spot. The slots in the back panel don't line up with other parts, and there are a few other minor things to fix.

But all in all, its good, I'm keen to get my list of revisions back into the cutting cad so new versions will come out better.

Oh, and I rode into the city on Saturday and managed to snap my bike with a Chinese gentleman and a Melbourne Art Tram by Valerie Tang in the background.

Have A Happy & Safe Christmas!

Steve Nurse

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

New Bike Seats Part 2

Chamfering side panel holes to hide screw heads

Side panel spacers screwed on.

This bit of wood helped the spacers rotating while I was screwing them on.

Side panel all done.

Working under cover on a wet Melbourne day.

Attaching some reinforcements to the central frame.

2 pics of....

grinding back the screws on the sidepanels.

Around my work I've been gradually working on the seat kits I picked up a few weeks ago, the work and progress to date are shown here. Most of this is putting together sub-assemblies and varnishing bits I won't be able to get to later.  Regards  Steve nurseNot much more to say except Christmas and a few days off are coming up and I should be able to finish one of these in a week or two.


Steve Nurse

Monday, December 17, 2018

3d printed Aluminium Part

My friend and Ex-boss Tony  from Spee3d 3d printing machines with an aluminium bike part printed for me by Spee3d.

The new Spee3d part is on the deck.  It is equivalent to the assembly shown on the front of the bike, for a few pics of the whole bike see here.

Another view of the parts.


Today I was emailed by Tony from Spee3d to say that after a long wait, a 3d printed aluminium part I'd designed was ready for me.  Fortunately I was working in the next suburb and was able to pick it up after work without going too far out of the way.

The part is a very early use of the 3d spray technology, and I am really pushing it to even think of employing it on my bikes.  The assembly I aim to replace with the new part was documented in a previous post . The extrusion part has a 3mm wall thickness and this one has an 8mm wall.  For the complicated shapes the assembly uses lost wax castings.

For the new part, there's a bit of machining, cad and plastic 3d printing to go before I can even use it.

But lost wax casting has been around for about 6000 years and spray 3d printing about 2, guess which one is likely to develop quickly?  Anyway, I will keep documenting my progress with this part.


Steve Nurse

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Short Ride Home

Outside Darebin Council meeting rooms.
Merri Creek Bike Path.....

now with legible signs!
Bridge had been flooded during the day.

Today at work it was raining heavily, and a few people left early thinking there might be "flooding at their place".  Well it got quite wet, but despite being flooded previously, work was quite high and dry.  After work I visited an interesting Community Leaders in Sustainability introductionat the Darebin Council Meeting rooms in High St. Preston.  After the session, I chatted to Alice who was interested in my bike and also in improving recycling in her large block of flats!

Anyhow, the rain had affected the Merri Creek which was part of my trip home with bike bridges flooded at some time during the day. Waters had now subsided and I was able to carry my bike gingerly over the bridge without incident. Christmas trees and lights were out, looking nice in the late dusk, 8:30 ish.


Steve Nurse

Sunday, December 9, 2018

New Bike Seats

Cut Parts at Sean and Horns workspace at Spacetank

Billy Horn

Cutting spacers for the sidepanels

All the parts that need cutting out.

Drying side panels on a clothes horse.  I'll be glueing and screwing these parts together later, and won't be able to paint both sides once that's done.

After the trimming

Trimming clamp plates
Last Friday I picked up some cut parts from Sean and Horn, a local NC routing company and have started building some bike seats from them.  I'm documenting them in some detail to allow anyone to build them.  Just started working on the parts, here are the pics. The end result will look like the tailbox on my last post, photos 1, 3, 5 etc.

  Regards  Steve Nurse

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Rutherglen Photos

Abandoned Springhurst railway line, looking back towards Rutherglen

At the same crossing, Springhurst direction
Springhurst from the station, early morning.

Lloyd, Richard, Nick


Dome, Lloyd, Nick, Simon
Dome & Simon, Chewton

My water bottle, and....

Simon's version

Chewton Christmas yarn bombing.

Lloyd, Chewton

Lloyd leads the pack
Simon Watt

Early morning Shadows, I took about 8 photos like this to manage.....

one or two ok ones.

My trike, early morning, Rutherglen Scout Hall

Dome Deli, Rutherglen scout hall. The mural is inspired by Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, and takes some of its scenes from the 1967 Disney film of the book. Its been a l o n g  t i m e since I was in cubs or scouts but still remembered that much.

Nicks trike, back on the road within a few days of a major weld break.  It went very well.

William Reid

Firepit scrawlings

Rutherglen Scouthall, firepit in foreground.

Richard, railtrail, Wahgunyah to Rutherglen
Richard hams it up, Corowa Christmas party.

Furious Five, Corowa


Llloyd, Rutherglen

Llloyd's trike.

An eclectic fron yard in Rutherglen

Me, Lloyd Charters Photo.

Dome and Richard


It had been a few weeks since I went for a decent ride, and I was keen to catch up with some friends and attend the OzHpv rally weekend Scheduled for November 30 to December 2.  I had been to the area for a similar weekend 5 years ago, and got there the same way, by train to Springhurst which is on the Albury train line from Melbourne but almost nothing else happens there!

There are some plans to get Springhurst connected by Bike trail to Rutherglen along the abandoned railway line which ticks all the boxes for a bike trail; flat, sheltered by trees and running past wineries and workplaces.  And there are nearby rail trails which are already great at attracting bike tourism.

Meanwhile the slightly more experienced riders can just ride on the roads which vary from flat and moderately busy to flat and very quiet to hilly and very quiet.  I am quietly convinced the Rutherglen area is a hidden gem for cyclists.

Last week I had a bit to do Friday morning including picking up some timber for bike parts so wasn't able to catch an early train to Springhurst and got the later midday train. Arrived at the station in plenty of time, and there's a luggage compartment, so my oversize bike / rolling thing had no problems fitting in.  An uneventful trip up, soon after arriving at Springhurst was riding toward Rutherglen.  On the way there, I saw William Reid arriving in his multi- hundred-thousand km  riding toward Rutherglen and a bit later was rung by Dome: the ride to Corowa was waiting for me to arrive.

Dome had booked the First Rutherglen scout hall as basic accommodation for the weekend, and I unloaded my sleeping bag and clothes when I got there and greeted Lloyd, Richard, William and Dome.  The road to Corowa was nice and flat, and we took in a few of the roads we'd ridden on 5 years ago.

Corowa was jumping when we got there, with the annual Christmas town gathering starting up.  Lots of Christmas of decorations were up, and some of the stores brought their wares out onto the street and sold them from there rather than being stuck inside.  And the op shop was even open!  After a few refreshments we headed off, Richard leading us around all the crowds and to the rail trail back across the Murray to Wahgunyah and Rutherglen.  After a rest and a bit more setting up at the Scout Hall we caught up with Simon and Tim who had driven up from Geelong. Off to a pub for dinner after that, nice food, nice beer, friendly locals.

Nick Chau turned up as we were meandering home from the pub and we settled down for the night on various levels of luxury of bedding - I needed to fit everything in the bike so there was only room for a sleeping bag but Nick had an entire compressor-blown-up-double-bed-mattress.

I was tired and slept well despite the hard floor and in the morning I rode out to Wahgunyah again before the long ride of the weekend started.  Richard led the ride again, and we went back to Springhurst, through Chiltern and Barnawatha before coming home to Rutherglen. Chiltern had an excellent bakery where we stopped to fuel up.

After the ride I made a few op shop visits and some of the others tagged along. One of the op shops was past its closing time but the friendly gentleman running it seemed happy to stay open later and talk about the Great Victorian Bike Ride coming to town a few days before, traffic and work in Dandenong and generally solving the problems of the world.

After that we went back to the scout hall to rest before the OzHpv AGM and another pub dinner.

After the pub I rode out to the railway line where a rail trail could run and took a few photos.  Back at the scout hall the moths were out in force and we had to turn the arc lights off in the hall and rely on the foyer lights to stop them overrunning us.  Struan arrived with another heaps comfortable bed setup, and I packed up most of my stuff so I could leave early in the morning.

The Sunday trains back to Melbourne were from Springhurst at 7am and 1 pm and I decided on the early train, and left Rutherglen about 6 am before anyone was stirring.  It was windy going back to Springhurst and I had to ride with a bit of a lean on but that was ok.

The train back was comfortable and it was good to get a cup of tea and some food from the snack bar. Back at Southern Cross I had my only minor mechanical of the trip, my chain came off, and I got oil all over my hands which wasn't much fun. Anyway, arrived home in good time, happy that the weekend went so well.


Steve Nurse

Steve Nurse