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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Short Ride Home

Outside Darebin Council meeting rooms.
Merri Creek Bike Path.....

now with legible signs!
Bridge had been flooded during the day.

Today at work it was raining heavily, and a few people left early thinking there might be "flooding at their place".  Well it got quite wet, but despite being flooded previously, work was quite high and dry.  After work I visited an interesting Community Leaders in Sustainability introductionat the Darebin Council Meeting rooms in High St. Preston.  After the session, I chatted to Alice who was interested in my bike and also in improving recycling in her large block of flats!

Anyhow, the rain had affected the Merri Creek which was part of my trip home with bike bridges flooded at some time during the day. Waters had now subsided and I was able to carry my bike gingerly over the bridge without incident. Christmas trees and lights were out, looking nice in the late dusk, 8:30 ish.


Steve Nurse

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