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Monday, July 18, 2016

Adelaide Part 1

Surf near Port Fairy

Port Fairy



Outside the convention venue

Hey Reflecto Stand

Next to the Torrens

I am in Adelaide for a short while and managed to take a few ok happy snaps during the car trip over and today.  On Saturday (seems like a long time ago now) I drove from Melbourne to Port Fairy and yesterday from Port Fairy to here via the small inland town of Keith.  I will add a few more words later.

All for now.

Steve Nurse

New Steerer Part 6

3d printed parts in a mockup to check the steering angle

New Parts on the trike.

Hi, I am in Adelaide (woohoo) catching up on some blog posting courtesy of Adelaide Youth Hostel Free wifi (yes, that deserves another woohoo).

For a week or so now I have had a new steerer assembly on my trike.  When I last posted about it , I had a different version which the right pedal would occasionally bang into.  Now I have done another round of castings done, this time I have two of the same casting in the assembly, one each side of the fork.  They put the steerer up a bit higher than the previous version and dominate the look of the bike a bit more but as a steerer assembly do-dah they do a great job.  Photo of whole trike on holiday in next post.

Cheers from Adelaide,

Steve (cosmopolitan) Nurse. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

New Tailbox Part 2

Adrian Cox near the Hawthorn Velodrome

Setup for working on the trike outside.



Clip-on pink wing made by Christine Durbridge.  It is held on to the bike by some Velcro-like substance from 3m,
The sticky back part of the 3m stuff doesn't stick to the material properly, and this shows attaching it to the material with Araldite.


Since my last blog post about my bike tailbox,  I  have been making extra side-panels for it.  The side panels are not structural, and so anything that you can stick to the tailbox will work.

At uni there is a secondhand material shop and I bought a $4.00 sheet of plywood from there, and then cut some more sidepanels from that.  A few days later and on my way to work I me Adrian Cox.  I always seem to bump into him now and then, on bike rides and at bike markets.  He works in parks and gardens for Boorundurra council and is sometimes near the Hawthron bike track when I ride through.  Anyway we stopped and had a chat and took a few photos. I had new timber sidepanels on the trike.

My friend George Durbridge came over last night and delivered a couple of extra sidepanels his wife Christine had made.  Yay!  Anyway, this is the last of 3 panels made for the tailbox and trike.  I've used this 3m stuff to stick the panels to the tailbox.  Sometimes the adhesive back doesn't stick to something properly and needs a bit of a hand and I have used Araldite for this.  It only takes a few minutes to change the panels.  If I was doing serious touring I'd probably hold the panels on with bulldog clips but for now the 3m hook and loop works ok.


Steve Nurse

This tailbox works ok but