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Monday, July 18, 2016

New Steerer Part 6

3d printed parts in a mockup to check the steering angle

New Parts on the trike.

Hi, I am in Adelaide (woohoo) catching up on some blog posting courtesy of Adelaide Youth Hostel Free wifi (yes, that deserves another woohoo).

For a week or so now I have had a new steerer assembly on my trike.  When I last posted about it , I had a different version which the right pedal would occasionally bang into.  Now I have done another round of castings done, this time I have two of the same casting in the assembly, one each side of the fork.  They put the steerer up a bit higher than the previous version and dominate the look of the bike a bit more but as a steerer assembly do-dah they do a great job.  Photo of whole trike on holiday in next post.

Cheers from Adelaide,

Steve (cosmopolitan) Nurse. 

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