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Monday, May 13, 2024

Cobram 116k ride



I've been back for about a week from an Audax ride in Cobram which went quite well. My Aunt (actually Dad's cousin, but who cares?) lives up there and I like to catch up with her. I am also familiar with the rides and country that Rodney Cruz runs for Audax and have done 100s, 200s and 150s before. The trip started off about 10am from Melbourne and I drive up the Hume, around Shepparton, then on to Strathmerton. There is a great op shop and bakery / cafe in Strathmerton, and I stopped for about an hour. I probably already have enough crap at home but I bought some more in the Strathy op shop. Retail Therapy!

Then I drove on through Cobram (found another op shop, a HUGE one!) to my Aunt's on the other side of Beruga, and arrived just on time despite a dely due to bridgeworks. We chatted a while, then I headed back and checked in to my Motel. After that  I ambled around town, got some bakery stuff for the ride the next day, then settled down for a pensioners pot and parmy (chicken parmigiana) at the pub. 

Back at the motel, I mapped out the ride for the next day, writing names on all the roads and distances between turns. Also I slightly rejigged my plastic map holder (I'd made it that morning) so it would work and pedals and things wouldn't bang into it.

Strathmerton Autumn leaves

Strathmerton Autumn leaves.

In the morning I was up early but when I got to the start I didn't have my gps with me. There was time to go back to the motel to retrieve it, but I didn't attempt to, and it turns out I'd left it at home anyway.

The ride went well and Charles, Geoff and I rode together for the first 10k or so, after which Charles and I scooted on ahead. We had morning tea at Nathalia, then ploughed on. Charles finished a few minutes ahead of me and we had averaged over 20kph for the ride. 15kph is the regulation speed for this type of Audax ride so we were very comfortably within the time limit. The map worked ok even without the km readings from the Garmin. There was only one corner that was in doubt and that was turning into Campbell Road on the way back, where there was no street sign. But in that case, Charles was just a bit ahead of me and I could follow him.

Thanks to Rodney Cruz for organising the ride. I plan to be back, maybe with friends next time to share the delights of the Cobram area.