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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Canberra ATRF Conference 2019

Some of the classic artwork in the Hyatt Canberra

Front of Hyatt Canberra, tradies cars get pride of place

Hyatt Canberra

The only other bike parked at the conference.

Yes, guess where. Ok, its outside the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra. Shortly after this was taken, I parked my bike behind the distant red blobby thing which is a sculpture. Security guards were apparently not happy but we had already sauntered off to a pub by the time they realised it was there.

With a couple of Monash academic types. I am a Monash ex-academic type.

Walking into another classic Canberra Hotel, the Kurrajong. Robbie (ok, Monash Uni) shouted me a beer. Thanks!

Jesse Suskin speaks for drone delivery operators Wing Australia . The future is here and it delivers coffee to you in Canberra at least!

Michel Masson, Chief Executive officer Infrastructure Victoria spoke on the Wednesday morning.

Stephen Greaves presents about cycling in Japan

Patrick Tsai on valueing walking Amenity

Historical bling on display at the Hyatt
Free merch from transport Canberra. They are very proud of their electric trams (red) and Robbie was very proud to have his bus (ok, the one he helped to design) immortalised as a cardboard cutout.
My trike / bike / thing / transport out the back of the Hyatt.

For a few weeks, I've been back from my trip to Canberra. Most of the trip was to take part in the Australasian Transport Research Forum.  When I was studying for a research masters a few years ago, I was encouraged to write papers for this conference series and I wrote articles for the Sydney and Melbourne conferences. I sort of got in the habit and even though I'd left uni felt I still had something to contribute, so wrote for the Darwin conference last year and for the Canberra conference this year.

The papers for the Canberra conference haven't been officially published yet but I put both my article and presentation up on Researchgate.

Anyway, the conference went well.  I stayed at the Canberra Youth Hostel which involved a few hurdles as far as transport was concerned. Firstly, the hostel was in the middle of the city and didn't have car parking attached.  I ended up plonking it in a multi-storey supermarket and that worked ok, I just had to plan ahead trips to the car to retrieve and replace various articles of stuff (sleeping bag, clothes etc.) as necessary.  Secondly my rather large bike would not fit in the rather small lift and I had to take it apart (not that hard) into 2 pieces to get it in the lift to take it into the basement bike parking area and laundry.

Anyway, with all that organised, I was off to the conference on Monday Sep 30....  more to follow.