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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Fixing 50 Bikes, Bike 8



Well not every bike that comes through my gate gets fixed. This one came from our friend Jill, she had rescued it from hard rubbish with her Dad, who has since passed away. Anyway not-that-close observation (pic 3) reveals a major problem, the top head stem bearing doesn't fit due to the fork top being too short for the frame. A new fork, or frame surgery, or fork surgery would be needed to fix it. As well the tyres are heavy duty mountain bike tyres, and there are no bosses for a rear brake.

At first I thought the wheels were good, but they were running out. I ended up donating tyres and good tubes to Wecycle, and have left the wheels off ready for truing.

Will report further if I do anything with the other bits.


Steve Nurse

Sunday, March 14, 2021

OzHpv Challenge Day 3

Packing up Sunday Morning with William and Randall.

William Reid on the move. Despite appearances (of a round Australia tour) he is travelling to Belmont, just 3k down the road.

By the Barwon, I was able to lead William fairly competently by this stage, having been down this way 3 or 4 times over the weekend.

Tim Corbett. Slow race I think!

Reading some results

Shopping race with Randall and Dome, note face mask



My trike and all my luggage left abandoned after the Gazebo was packed up.

Peter Mathews shopping race.

Day 3...

These photos were taken a week ago. William was staying overnight Sunday at the showground, and I was heading back by bike so packed up Sunday morning. We headed down to the Belmont track for the "practical events" which included shopping race, Go to Whoa, slow race and slalom. Note the facemasks in the shopping race pics. This being Australia, nobody really objected to the masks, even if it was just a minor joke. We had compulsory hand sanitizer too!

I did quite well in the shopping race, coming third, and beaten only by Tim and Domes. Rob beat me in the seniors but I was quite happy with how I went overall. I left for the station before all the presntations were over, and once again didn't have to wait long for a train or have problems with the bike on the train.

Best Wishes!

Steve Nurse





Saturday, March 13, 2021

OzHpv Challenge Day 2

Rob, Randall, Pete with Rob's bike


Trisled tandem trike with

clamp on bits and

1 x drivetrain

Back bottom bracket

Randall's Barchetta with foam tailbox

Trisled delta ....

On the road

Road race start - pic John Hagan

Geelong locals Pete Gordon with Jesse. Pic John Hagan

Domes was fastest: Trisled Lowracer

Michael tried just about everything, here he is on Domes practical machine, and Ice B2

Duelling with Jesse, road race, John Hagan pic

Road race, John Hagan pic

Live at the Russell Mockbridge pavillion! Nick Lanham and

Randall Mathews

William times Michael

Michael from stokers seat of Trisled tandem trike,

and trying the big wheeled off roader.

William's vintage Greenspeed

Tim reading the Covid act (race instructions)

Bafang controller in the yellow delta.


So this report is mainly photos of the second day of my ozhpv challenge trip. On day 2 I rode down to the Belmont Criterium track, and was gradually finding my way round the neighbourhood. By going right near the end of the street you could cross the Barwon and then follow a nice bike track along the river  to the track.

Plenty of action at the track. Ben from Trisled had bought along a van full of trikes and he was happy for others to ride and photograph.

Personally I did very well, and was particularly pleased with the road race.  I kept up with Jesse on his Barchetta Highracer, and was faster than Michael on his bike. I drafted a bit with Jesse which took the struggle out of the whole race and helped us along a bit. Just a bit slower than Pete Gordon in the Orange Rotovelo.

Jesse and Michael were both excited by the Challenge, Michael tried just about every bike and trike he could, and Jesse said "most fun I've ever had".

After the races, Randall and Geelong Cycling club official Nick Lanham held an impromptu jam session inside, playing traditional Irish music on fiddle, guitar and oversize mandolin.

There was pizza put on by ozhpv. Back at the camp, Dome, William and I took a 2k or so stroll to the shops nearest the campsite for an icecream, and then we called it a night.

A stroll through South Geelong, bike rack in foreground.

Showground gates, with and without flash. Would you really have time to read all this stuff?




OzHpv challenge day1

On the train, the trike split in two so it fits in.

Willam Reid at the Geelong showground, which is

only 3k from the Geelong CBD, but you get views like this

and this (loud squawking galahs in a tree)

and this (shed for old machinery, there are several of these.)


Day 1 of the OzHpv challenge started with a visit to my parents. When I got home I finished packing the bike. This included 2 yoga mats which I rearrange to make a bike-carryable camping mat. After that, I rode into Southern Cross station. There are Geelong trains every hour or so, and I didn't have to wait long, and splitting the trike on the train was no problem.

My accommodation site for the next 2 nights was just 2k away. This was the Geelong Showground, used in earnest a couple of times a year for The Geelong Show and a few Machinery Shows. The Challenge was a long weekend, and other camping areas nearer the criterium track were booked out and the showground was a good alternative.

Anyway, when I came to the Showground, william Reid was there, and Randall and Dome came along a bit later. We made a small contingent at the showground amongst the surfing families, grey nomads, people visiting relatives and other riff-raff.



Steve Nurse

Friday, March 12, 2021

Fixing 50 bikes, bikes 6 and 7


Parts for bike #6 from the Wecycle shed

The front derailleur bolt was missing and I stole the one shown in this pic from another front derailleur

The whole bike.

This bike's already been delivered to young Vivian. Not much to fix on it. The family who donated it were moving to Brisbane.

Bit of a catchup here, 2 weeks ago I fixed up 2 bikes while at wecycle, here they are shown above. Not much to fix on either of them. The purple one just needed brake adjustment and a clean.

Have been at the ozhpv challenge in Geelong since then and will report on that soon.


Steve Nurse