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Sunday, March 14, 2021

OzHpv Challenge Day 3

Packing up Sunday Morning with William and Randall.

William Reid on the move. Despite appearances (of a round Australia tour) he is travelling to Belmont, just 3k down the road.

By the Barwon, I was able to lead William fairly competently by this stage, having been down this way 3 or 4 times over the weekend.

Tim Corbett. Slow race I think!

Reading some results

Shopping race with Randall and Dome, note face mask



My trike and all my luggage left abandoned after the Gazebo was packed up.

Peter Mathews shopping race.

Day 3...

These photos were taken a week ago. William was staying overnight Sunday at the showground, and I was heading back by bike so packed up Sunday morning. We headed down to the Belmont track for the "practical events" which included shopping race, Go to Whoa, slow race and slalom. Note the facemasks in the shopping race pics. This being Australia, nobody really objected to the masks, even if it was just a minor joke. We had compulsory hand sanitizer too!

I did quite well in the shopping race, coming third, and beaten only by Tim and Domes. Rob beat me in the seniors but I was quite happy with how I went overall. I left for the station before all the presntations were over, and once again didn't have to wait long for a train or have problems with the bike on the train.

Best Wishes!

Steve Nurse





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