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Saturday, March 13, 2021

OzHpv Challenge Day 2

Rob, Randall, Pete with Rob's bike


Trisled tandem trike with

clamp on bits and

1 x drivetrain

Back bottom bracket

Randall's Barchetta with foam tailbox

Trisled delta ....

On the road

Road race start - pic John Hagan

Geelong locals Pete Gordon with Jesse. Pic John Hagan

Domes was fastest: Trisled Lowracer

Michael tried just about everything, here he is on Domes practical machine, and Ice B2

Duelling with Jesse, road race, John Hagan pic

Road race, John Hagan pic

Live at the Russell Mockbridge pavillion! Nick Lanham and

Randall Mathews

William times Michael

Michael from stokers seat of Trisled tandem trike,

and trying the big wheeled off roader.

William's vintage Greenspeed

Tim reading the Covid act (race instructions)

Bafang controller in the yellow delta.


So this report is mainly photos of the second day of my ozhpv challenge trip. On day 2 I rode down to the Belmont Criterium track, and was gradually finding my way round the neighbourhood. By going right near the end of the street you could cross the Barwon and then follow a nice bike track along the river  to the track.

Plenty of action at the track. Ben from Trisled had bought along a van full of trikes and he was happy for others to ride and photograph.

Personally I did very well, and was particularly pleased with the road race.  I kept up with Jesse on his Barchetta Highracer, and was faster than Michael on his bike. I drafted a bit with Jesse which took the struggle out of the whole race and helped us along a bit. Just a bit slower than Pete Gordon in the Orange Rotovelo.

Jesse and Michael were both excited by the Challenge, Michael tried just about every bike and trike he could, and Jesse said "most fun I've ever had".

After the races, Randall and Geelong Cycling club official Nick Lanham held an impromptu jam session inside, playing traditional Irish music on fiddle, guitar and oversize mandolin.

There was pizza put on by ozhpv. Back at the camp, Dome, William and I took a 2k or so stroll to the shops nearest the campsite for an icecream, and then we called it a night.

A stroll through South Geelong, bike rack in foreground.

Showground gates, with and without flash. Would you really have time to read all this stuff?




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