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Saturday, March 13, 2021

OzHpv challenge day1

On the train, the trike split in two so it fits in.

Willam Reid at the Geelong showground, which is

only 3k from the Geelong CBD, but you get views like this

and this (loud squawking galahs in a tree)

and this (shed for old machinery, there are several of these.)


Day 1 of the OzHpv challenge started with a visit to my parents. When I got home I finished packing the bike. This included 2 yoga mats which I rearrange to make a bike-carryable camping mat. After that, I rode into Southern Cross station. There are Geelong trains every hour or so, and I didn't have to wait long, and splitting the trike on the train was no problem.

My accommodation site for the next 2 nights was just 2k away. This was the Geelong Showground, used in earnest a couple of times a year for The Geelong Show and a few Machinery Shows. The Challenge was a long weekend, and other camping areas nearer the criterium track were booked out and the showground was a good alternative.

Anyway, when I came to the Showground, william Reid was there, and Randall and Dome came along a bit later. We made a small contingent at the showground amongst the surfing families, grey nomads, people visiting relatives and other riff-raff.



Steve Nurse

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