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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Fixing 50 Bikes, Bike 8



Well not every bike that comes through my gate gets fixed. This one came from our friend Jill, she had rescued it from hard rubbish with her Dad, who has since passed away. Anyway not-that-close observation (pic 3) reveals a major problem, the top head stem bearing doesn't fit due to the fork top being too short for the frame. A new fork, or frame surgery, or fork surgery would be needed to fix it. As well the tyres are heavy duty mountain bike tyres, and there are no bosses for a rear brake.

At first I thought the wheels were good, but they were running out. I ended up donating tyres and good tubes to Wecycle, and have left the wheels off ready for truing.

Will report further if I do anything with the other bits.


Steve Nurse

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