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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

New Bike Seats Part 2

Chamfering side panel holes to hide screw heads

Side panel spacers screwed on.

This bit of wood helped the spacers rotating while I was screwing them on.

Side panel all done.

Working under cover on a wet Melbourne day.

Attaching some reinforcements to the central frame.

2 pics of....

grinding back the screws on the sidepanels.

Around my work I've been gradually working on the seat kits I picked up a few weeks ago, the work and progress to date are shown here. Most of this is putting together sub-assemblies and varnishing bits I won't be able to get to later.  Regards  Steve nurseNot much more to say except Christmas and a few days off are coming up and I should be able to finish one of these in a week or two.


Steve Nurse

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