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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wooden Bike Mk2 Part 8 (World International Wooden Bicycle Day)

A few photos of

the wooden bike after

a short night

"blocky" to test the new rear triangle.
A number of junk mails have been arriving in our house advertising Mother's Day gifts.  And I got to wondering, when is Mother's day?  The calendar revealed that it's May 12.  As my wooden bike can now be ridden and there is a flat 40k ride on Sunday, and this coming Sunday doesn't seem to have any other name associated with it, I have unilaterally declared that May 5 is World International Wooden Bike Day. 

Just for the record, the bike rides ok now but needs a bit of tuning, it seems the bike is a bit lop sided (fix by tuning the steering) and the steerer tube is scraping on the wooden frame and a bit of scraping will fix that.   Will report more later.   

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