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Monday, May 6, 2013

Wooden Bike Mk2 Part 9

At St Kilda on the wooden bike where there were  .......

quite a few home made vehicles besides mine, including this electric trike made using KMX parts and  .......

Sam Quadflieg's black monster.

Gathering at our destination, Williamstown, where ....
native birds weren't the only thing to see.  There were seaplanes, a warship-museum, a few curious onlookers, but none of these got a photo.

Afternoon at Jamie Friday's bike launch. (Top photo Struan Little, all others Steve Nurse)


The photos tell the story of the first 60k or so outing for my wooden bike mk2.  The only problems were a clunking cog (worn cluster) and a wobbly seat (because it is only held together by bugger-all cable ties) which can both be remedied.  Along Beach Road, I enjoyed passing a few (ok, middle-aged, not-very-fast) road bikers on the new contraption.

My original wooden bike mk1 went  on a similar outing several years ago and was retired and pulled to pieces very soon thereafter.  I have more auspicious plans for the new bike including a 200k Audax ride.  Gosh, it might even get some lacquer. 

At Williamstown, my wife Christine rang and told me about Jamie Friday's bike launch later that afternoon which I duly attended.  Jamie has made and sold 1 lightweight cargo cyle and intends to make more!

Oh, and I almost forgot... During the week, Christine and her friend Ermi heard a loud bang in the back yard.  When I got home Christine had me check the gas hot water heater for an exploded pilot light.  It was only on Saturday when I started tuning the wooden bike that I solved the mystery, the 5 or 6 year old front tire of the bike had burst! 


Steve Nurse

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