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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fixing a Bag

Bag before Change

Bag after Change (added white corflute)
2nd mod to bag (black stitches above zip line)

After my last work bag started wearing out and developing holes, I started looking for another one and wound up with one from a Garage Sale.  The bloke running the Garage Sale may have been a bag tryer-outer in his working life as there were bucketloads on sale.  Bought 2 for $2 each and started using one of them as a work bag and in-bike bag. 

This was all fine but on one occasion I managed to "lose" my black wallet when it was actually in the bag.  (see top photo, wallet is on left hand side.)

 A few days later I was looking for the comb I keep in the outer pocket.  Despite searching I couldn't find it.  It had migrated to the small area in the pocket above the zip.

So finally I got irritated enough to do something about it and the photos above are the result: white corflute in the bag helps you see things!  Sewing off the top part of the outside pocket stops mysterious dissappearances of objects!

This has not all that much to do with bikes except that these days the recumbent tailboxes I make are almost always white.  The white colour helps me to find things in the tailbox and is the most visible colour at night.  So a white tailbox on my recumbent reduces aerodynamic drag, provides lots of storage space and makes the bike more visible at night.  The advantages are so great that I would advise "don't leave home without one" to borrow a phrase from Karl Malden or whoever his scriptwriter dude was at the time.


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