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Friday, June 7, 2013

Wooden Bike Mk2 Part 11

At home on Sunday afternoon, Christine relaxing with some neighbours

Our son Ewan came over on Saturday and did some blockies on the wooden bike

In the lounge room Friday night, this is where I fixed the chain and reattached the steerer.  If its cold and bucketing rain, this is the only place for it.

The rear swingarm, its been varnished and "decorated" to some extent.  The black holes cover the access holes for the wheel and swingarm nuts.

I joined in Robert's ride at St. Kilda.

Well the photos tell most of the story again.  After varnishing the bike, the last step to getting it on the road was the transmission.  By now I had a new cluster, new chain, mountain-drive and short home-modified cranks, which thankfully all work together with none of the clanking and clunking present last time I went on a ride.

Overnight on Friday it bucketed rain in Melbourne and on slightly soggy Saturday (as well as some local shopping on the wooden bike, my son Ewan came around and tried it.  Thumbs up!

On Sunday I pootled off to Robert W's monthly come'n'try bike ride.  People film me from their cars, people smile and wave.  I am almost moved to poetry about the joys of riding a wooden recumbent and how, for enjoyment in a vehicle, this is it and how, in my opinion, you can stick your Lamborghinis and Porsches and keep your Maserati's and Ferraris.  But I digress.

The bike paths were still wet and muddy from Friday's rain and I cleaned the bike a bit when I got home.  Christine spent the afternoon playing cards with the kids from down the road and I even took them for a rickshaw blocky late in the day.

Here is a link which leads to more about wooden bikes than you can possibly poke a stick at, or even 2 sticks.

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