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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wooden Bike Mk11 Part13 / Russian Velomobile book


A week or so ago I received a Russian Book called "velomobiles".  There are lots of illustrations in the book and lots of text, mostly completely incomprehensible.  But I like it, and have bought a German copy which should be slightly more comprehensible.  Will report later when it arrives.

On the bike front I bought and fitted a new quick release headstem.  Only part of the stem was usable and the rest I made myself by hacking apart an existing stem and a whole bike frame.  The new stem is good and works well with the chopper style bars I have.  It allows the handlebars to be released without tools in order to make the bike more "2 dimensional" for fitting inside a car or on public transport.

Today I was out and around riding the bike and I feel that the wooden construction thing breaks down a few barriers.  People are prepared to stop and talk about it.  One guy said he'd never seen a wooden bike before (must've lived under a mushroom or something) and so was perfectly prepared to stare at mine.  People are prepared to accept amateurish bits on a wooden bike and won't so readily dismiss it as a recumbent.  So maybe my next bike will be another wooden one.  I have been thinking through the design of a hollowed out-beam bike which could be made quite quickly using NC routed parts.  Some new parts I have arriving include a fork for Front wheel drive and A-Headstem and with thise I should be able to make a ripper wooden bike.  The other way forward (making these bikes) I've thought about is to make a custom aluminium extrusion but this would involve some tooling costs and a minimum production run of a hundred metres of extrusion. Ok, all for now.

Part of the 1986 Russian Book "Velomobiles"

and another part, "Cycling Utopia" drawing.

Quick Release Stem

Source of tube used for making headstem

Near our local recycling centre in Roseneath Street, my bike with an artwork dedicated to signs
The new stem fitted to the bike

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