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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wooden Bike Mark 2 Part 12

Cutting corflute for the tailbox in the kitchen

This is how it looked after the corflute was fitted, and after shopping at The Hive shopping centre.  Having the holes for the corflute predrilled in the seat makes it all a bit neater.

This is the shopping I got in the wooden bike.

Just adding a few photos here.  Over 2 nights I worked on the bike in the kitchen to make a corflute tailbox.  It's worked out well, bigger and neater than the one on the bike I normally ride. 

Yesterday I added a lid to the tailbox and today I rode to work (about 70k round trip) on the wooden bike.  And it goes good although there are a few interesting squeaks and rattles to work on.  Weight is about 15kg.  In the shed I have another seat assembly and plan to use it to make a wooden tailbox from 2 or 3mm plywood.

All for now.


Steve Nurse

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