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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wooden Bike mk2 part 10 & other stuff

Wooden bike in bits, ready for painting

The remaining Victoria folding bike with new tyres

Only a little bit to report here now.  I took apart the wooden recumbent and varnished it and plugged the holes in the frame with chair stoppers or Plastibond bog.  As well I bought and just received a 11-32 tooth screw-on cluster which should fix any clunking problems. More on the bike as I head out and about on it soon.

A friend Jeremy was interested in buying one of my Victoria folders on a recent visit (bikes discussed here) so after I did up the red one with all the best parts from both bikes I offered it to him.  Sold!  So now I am up to 5 bikes sold for the year, on target for selling 10 by the end of the year.  The remaining folding bike has not been neglected, I bought new tyres for her and fitted a short set of handlebars.  The bike is great fun to ride and I took it on an op-shop excursion a few Saturdays ago.  I was having trouble attaching all the videos to the pack rack till, with vast sophistication,  I found a stick to complete the ocky strap arrangement.

Through the internet I have been researching and buying the best front wheel drive recumbent parts I can from Performer, Raptobike and (ebay for new Chinese stuff) Ali express.  Aim to make a few of the best recumbent bikes I can and am working on the design. Of course, more on this later.

All for now,

Steve Nurse

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