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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Billy Minto's Bikes

Billy Minto's first recumbent
Hi, one of the pleasures of writing a blog is staying in contact with other bike builders, seeing their creations and generally yammering on about bicycles to people.  Billy Minto from Scotland has sent me a few emails and bought my book .  He keeps a blog here and has built neat bamboo bikes.  Billy's recent post about his "Flying Gate" bike and time trials modifications is very inspiring and great fun.
Here is Billy's description of his first recumbent: (Steve: Thats a big bike, can I use it in my blog?)
"Yes of course, happy for you to use the pic.  Yes it is pretty big,
nearly 2 metres wheelbase! - will be interesting to see how it handles. The rear stays, drivetrain and fork are from an aly road bike. Seat is 9mm ply with padding from a kiddies EVA play mat.  The main tube is bamboo, 55-60mm dia. I had hoped to get away with a single tube but it wasn't stiff enough - 65mm dia would probably have done it. I've stiffened by "truss-ifying". The tension members are carbon kite spars which I picked up pretty cheap.
Cheers, Billy

So Billy keep on rolling!

 Best Wishes

Steve Nurse


  1. Thanks for the shout Steve. Not heard my bikes described as neat before (the benefits of crappy photos LOL!) The book arrived today thanks. Had a quick skim through - lots of interesting info and ideas. Will let you know what I think once I've digested it (and my daughter Sara will give her verdict on the board game!).

    All the best,


    1. No Worries Billy. Look forward to hearing about how your bike goes on the road or in races. I think my front wheel drive bikes are a bit simpler than the one you are building but yours would have a few advantages like simpler steering and derailer gearing on the front.

      The rules for the board game can be "a bit flexible" particularly when playing with kids!


      Steve Nurse