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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Progress on Repairs

Suspension before change

New Derailleur Post at Front

Seat after

As mentioned in the previous post , with much attention lavished on my new bike, my old bike had been sadly neglected.  So in the last week or so I have been fixing things or "putting on new things that don't quite work yet".  In the latter category we have the derailleur post, up till now my long wheelbase recumbents have existed with a single chainring on the front and I'm attempting to fit a double chainring and derailleur to the bike.  Not quite there yet, as we have it now, the front wheel takes out a standard derailleur as it turns during steering.  Hmmm, might be better to fix the broken things first, the seat had been a bit wonky and stripping away all the corflute revealed the seat had been held on by 1 nut and a watchstrap!  After some fixing that is remedied, we now have 8 nuts and a watchstrap!  As well there is a bit of timber reinforcing the front of the seat, I think it looks cool and I'll probably put the same thing on the new bike.  All for now!

Seat Before

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