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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fixing The Old Bike

Fixing the Old bike in the Back Yard
During the entire time I was making my new bike I did b*gger all to maintain my old bike and it's stayed round the side of the house rather neglected.  Yesterday I took my new bike down to a local bike shop to get painted and my old bike became my set of wheels once more.  A 15k or so fairly local ride helped me sort out what needs doing on the bike :
* Fix Bottom bracket bearing
* Replace cranks 
* Fix wonky seat.
* Try to fit a top derailleur
* Replace Chain
* Replace Corflute.
* Replace back tyre
* Remove tired looking reear wheel cover.
Anyway (very sad I know) today I had some fun replacing the bottom bracket bearings with one of those sealed unit things cannabalised from a slightly knackered  / frame bent 1980's road bike.

Till next time, Regards, Steve Nurse

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