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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pre Round the Bay

Paul Prentice and his Roulandt Recumbent
Knitted Bike Cover
Trisleds new load Carrying Trike.....

Which is front wheel drive. 

Today is the Saturday before the annual Round the Bay in a day ride and I know of at least 1 other recumbent rider going on the ride, John Reynoldson who is riding anti-clockwise, I am riding clockwise.  Needless to say we will see other recumbents along the way. 

There is a bike fair around the start / finish of the ride which runs for 3 days and today I pootled in to have a look around and gather up all the free and cheap stuff available.

Here are my awards.
* Best and only free T-shirt is from
* Best and only load trike: Trisled front wheel drive as per photos.
* Best decorated and least aerodynamic bike: knitted cover bike.

Also good to catch up with Paul Prentice, he lives quite near to me, he was cruising around near the bike show on a 1980's Roulandt and we stopped and had a chat.  He is a keen environmentalist and bike collector and loves to chat about bikes.

All for now, will report on the ride within the next few days.

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