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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Painted! Named! Eastlink!

Part of the painted Bike with "Monarch" sticker (Bike painted through Bikes De Ver)

At Richmond Station: Hmmm!  Hmmm.  Hmmm?

A flag was compulsory for recumbents on the Eastlink Ride, this is the flag I made. 
One of the fast-finishing recumbent riders from Phantom HPV


In contrast with the last post's not very exciting pictures, I have been out and around today at the 37k ride on the Eastlink tollway.  The whole tollway was closed, it is 3 lanes wide, so the ride is on as smooth as fast a surface as you could wish for.

There were 3 distances for the ride, 75, 37 & 15k, and I was on the 37k ride mainly because I had agreed to be part of the "Cruzbike Team".  As it turned out I saw Kim Tolhurst and a few of the other Cruzbike riders as we got off the train near the ride but lost track of them soon after.  

At the start of the ride I took a few photos before heading off into the crush of people at the start.  After a little wait, we were away, the bike going very well throughout the ride.  Only a few people were passing me but there weren't many "serious" riders on the 37k ride.  My overall time was 1 hour 10 minutes for the distance, about 32kph average.

Ok, till next time! 

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