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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Moulton from Broadford part 1


New and old Sturmey Archer AW Hub controllers

Just a bit.....

agricultural in ....

some  ........



Last week I saw an ad on Facebook marketplace for an interesting bike, and thought I might buy it, although I don't really need another bike! I waited till I had got rid of some commitments, and after that the bike was still for sale so I contacted the seller, and a day later I have the bike back in Melbourne with me. Its been good fun to work on sofar, with a stuck cotterpin the only real problem.

To justify buying it I am planning to offload all my Peugeot NS7 folding bike stock - that is 1 bike and about 3 frames, 4 wheels and numerous parts.

Washing the drive side crank ......

while trying to extricate the other one.

Here are a few repair photos. The cranks are different on each side, one crank was wobbly, and on the other crank the cotter pin is stuck. I have oiled it and waggled it with vicegrips and hit it with a hammer to try to get the $%^& of a thing out. Excuse my french.

Update August 18

After realising I didn't have a good gearcable, or tyres or tubes for the Moulton, I ordered some online, and paused work on it for a while. By then I had removed, cleaned and regreased the bottom bracket. So by today the tyres and tubes had arrived, I did some final frame cleaning and fitted the pedals and chain and front brake. After that I wanted to head out on a HUGE trip to the op shop to buy my dad some tracksuit pants, but only made it round the corner and the chain started clunking, so I finished the shopping on my recumbent. The bike as is shown below. I've stolen my very best old-style-seat-with-saddle-bag from another bike and put it on the Moulton. Will keep working on it!

1 comment:

  1. Hi if the stuck pedal is still giving you problems I tink I can give you a cowple of tips abowt it.
    Often propping it up on a pipe ad ghiving it a cowple of good wack's using a hole punch and a hammer does the trick. If this is not enough the next step is drilling it out, the cotterpin is oftem made of a really soft metal in order to deform in to shape and hold the pedal firmly so is quite easy to drill, that being seed you need to be careful not to drill on the pedal but you often dont need to drill it all the way but drilling a smaller hole is often enough to make the cotterpin collapse by just going back to the first metod.
    I know this is nothing mind blowing but I have removed a lot of those like that.
    Good luck