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Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 OzHpv Challenge Day 1

Day 1 results summary

Christine's Trivia Quiz, L to R, Christine, Graham, Damian, George, Lloyd, Aki.

At the Corryong Hotel-Motel

Andrew in the Slalom

Aki Kubota, with a bike I had sold him on ebay.

Damian Harkin

Damian and Andrew

Corryong Football Pavillion, a sister to the Race Pavillion at Towong but (sadly) condemmed.

Damian Harkin and one of the world's most obscure signs.

The Gang

Lloyd and Aki, Shopping Race. Note Holographic sticky tape on Aki's wheels!
Hi, A great day's racing at Corryong Airfield today.  Andrew Stewart is leading the field from Graham Signiorini.  I managed to win the shopping race.  There was a pitch invasion (Echidna) during the 200m sprint.

More Photos and results tommorrow as they come in.


Steve Nurse

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