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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Preparing for OzHpv Challenge


Its about a week out from the OzHpv Challenge in Corryong  which I've been busy organising for a few months now.  Entries are trickling in and it was great to talk and ride with to Graham Signiorini who is coming up and also to help organise things for Aki Kubota to travel up there.  Aki will get a train to Albury, stay overnight with Lloyd on Friday and come to the Challenge Saturday.  He has 3 recumbents, one of mine, a vintage Roulandt and a home made trike, all purchased at no great expense.  I wish I could bottle his enthusiasm and spread it around!

I went on a "Be Spon" ride and then travelled home on the "unlikely trike", stopping at a few op shops and Aldi on the way home.  The afternoon was spent very pleasantly - my neighbour Stu had given me a fixie bike from the dumpster down the road, and I spent some time fixing it, finding more bits for it down the dumpster and lastly finding some nice bike wheels for Stu for one of his bike projects.  All sorts of things get picked up and dropped off at the dumpster and on Sunday this included a dead cat!

The photo down the bottom shows some witches hats to be used for the Challenge.  Ok, they are flower containers.  Ok, they will need rock in them.  But they should work!

A fixie bike repaired at the weekend.  A broken chain and crank were the only real problems.
Part of the ozhpv timing gear, went through and replaced batteries, checked connections etc. on it.  Its working well now and I even know how to use it!

Start of the B-Spon ride.  Quite a gathering.

Graham Signiorini and some public bike tools in the City of Maribyrnong.  We went past this place a bit further down the track, it warrants further investigation

Graham and his electric Chopper bike.  Only one speed but he's quite quick on the damn thing.  He only used electric on the hills...

A gizmo I made for mounting bikes on the roof of our car.  Didn't work too well with this bike, but it may work a bit better with others.  Probably won't use it this weekend.

Witches Hats to be used in the Challenge as traffic management.  Ok, they are plastic Flower Pots.  Most came from the tip shop, 10 or 20c each.

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