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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Benella to Millawa

Tried to photograph some birds while riding, but this is the best I got.

And tried to photograph Kangaroos as well.  Despite attempting to take photos of roos today (saw 2 mobs while riding) they bounded away.  1 group was next to the hume highway and while immune to truck noise, felt threatened by a yellow-jacketed cyclist wielding a camera.  This photo of roos is a "here's one I've prepared earlier" one, take near Castlemaine of slightly more docile animals.

This is the delta trike I took on the ride, approaching Millawa.  Its my ride for the OzHpv Challenge as well.

My wife Christine and friend Deb Callister at our lunch destination, Millawa Cheese Factory

Road in to Millawa

My wife Christine and I are travelling at the moment, on our way up to Corryong and the ozhpv challenge.  Last night and tonight we are staying with a friend in Benella, and today I rode out to Millawa, where I met the others for lunch.  Chose a fairly direct route there, but the maps forgot to tell me they were bumpy dirt roads, so the trip there was a bit longer than anticipated.  Never mind!

Lunch was excellent and I chose to go back by the similarly direct and much less bumpy and much busier and much quicker and much more populated by service stations where you can buy Coca Cola  Hume Highway.  Knackered when I got back though.

Will report more on the Challenge and the lead up to it shortly.


Steve Nurse

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