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Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 OzHpv Challenge Day 2

Sunday morning at the start line

Akis bike and Graham at the start

Lloyd (Blurry) a bit in front of me and Andrew (Blurry) a lot in front of me, on the way back to the start line

Graham (Foreground), Lloyd (Background)

Lloyd at the turnaround.  It was getting warm, and race or no race, some of the 5 or so layers have to come off.

At the end

Aki, last in but well supported.

Here is the final report on the ozhpv Challenge for 2014.  Yesterday with Christine I drove 440ks home from Corryong and had packing and unpacking to do as well as ride in a 20k road race so was too tired to blog when we got home.

There were 2 races on the final day, and they were a 20k road race with a timed "special stage" which was a couple of hundred metre downhill stretch.  There was very little equipment involved (2 stop watches).

We all started the longer race at the same time and George drove ahead to marshall at the turnaround point.  Lloyd, Graham and Andrew were ahead of me and Damian and Aki a bit behind.  Aki was last over the line but it was a very good effort for him, he had never ridden over 20k on the bike before.  Everything was over by about 11am including the presentations.  Now (drum roll please) for the results.  There should be more details available soon on the OzHpv site.

So, um, all for this year.  I'm hanging up my hat as organiser of the Challenge after 3 years and doing the extra work of moving the event to Corryong from Wodonga this year .  Everybody who came enjoyed themselves, with good company, good weather and spectacular scenery all helping. Long may the Challenge grow and prosper!


Steve Nurse

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