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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Peugeot NS 22 frame straightening

End Result

Machined timber piece in frame used for measuring rear dropout allignment which is....

121mm separation

And 22 to the top dropout.

Timber piece is transferred to orange frame,

then the frame is stomped on to straighten.   This is done one frame side at a time.


Today I went on with work on Peugeot NS22 bike frames.  I worked out that I could straighten the orange frame and started on that.  Anyway, good results as shown above.  It was helpful to have a partially stripped down good (white) frame to get dimensions from.


Steve Nurse

And here are the day's other projects:

Workbench and storage outside: all this bench had been made from scrap from the neighbourhood up to yesterday when I went out and bought (and rode home by bike with) the lower shelf material which is 2 sheets of 900 x 600 mm plywood. I cut the plywood into shelf-shapes which accommodate the pump box which is underneath. Still a bit of work to be done on this project like varnishing and securing the lower shelves but I'm happy with progress.

A week or so ago I had my Luxus bike on ebay, but it didn't sell despite a low starting price ($70) So now it was only getting in the way so I drilled a hole in a rafter outside so I could hang it up and out of the way. Reasonable offers accepted!

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