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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Postcard from unusual times

Recommendation from the surf report site I use, Swellnet.  Usually I would go for a surf every 2 weeks or so, mainly based on information from the BOM maps found here. But not recently or for the foreseeable future.

Sign recommending keeping appropriate "social distance" with walkers,

......bikes, and

more bikes going past. Note green extra milk crate, just picked up from the nearby recycling centre.

Spot the bear!
A rainbow sign.
Testing daggy bikes, exercise, shopping all in one go.
Book from recycling centre. Nice cover, well travelled, beat up. It's a Sun book which I collect. Perfect!

This popped up at the end of the nearby railway pedestrian underpass, a nice sign of hope when lots of people are off work or school, and mostly confined to family groups.


Just a few photos taken out and around our Melbourne suburb of Clifton Hill over the last few days. With Covid 19 restrictions, we are only meant to head out for work, to shop for what you need, to exercise, and to visit doctors for medical appointments.

Testing my milk crate Peugeot NS22 bike ticks a few of these boxes, I can exercise and shop at the same time. Distances are quite short, so there's no need for the speed of the recumbent, and the bikes I'm testing all have luggage capacity.

At the moment op shops are closed but there is still an outlet for this sort of old stuff therapy, the Roseneath St recycling depot is still open and I can still pick up old books there at the book exchange shelves. And today I picked up another milk crate, asking a lady for it before it was thrown into plastic recycling. It was slightly busted but I have set about fixing it.  More on milk crate bikes follows here.

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