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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Box Hill Purple April 11

Back from shops, the bike and milk crates coped with a considerable shopping list including a cask of wine and slab of beer cans.

Mudguard off.

Mudguard modification

Cropped the back bit of the mudguard. The one I modified is on top, an original one below.

Mudguard mod is so you can do this "stands on the milk crate rack" trick. Unless it was cropped, the bike would rest on the back mudguard instead of on the back tyre. This setup isn't perfect because the front wheel flops around through almost 180 degrees if left to its own devices.  This mucks up the front brake a bit. It needs an extra strap or something to lean against to keep things straight: for this photo the red occy strap is doing the trick.

Hi, pics show today's shopping and progress with the purple Peugeot NS22.

Regards  Steve Nurse

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