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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Box Hill Purple April 9

Today's engineering refinement was to make a slot in each of the crate adapters (where the hook is) so....
the front and back adapters could be carried easily with the crates off.
Milk Crate #0, And then I set off to get some crates. But I made a small courier stop on the way, at the direction of my boss (Christine Nurse) dropping some wool left over from a previous find with  our friend Christine D. Although I declined a cup of tea (I was On a Mission) we managed to discuss dog psychology, clunky Peugeot bikes, stolen bikes and recumbent trikes.

Milk Crate #1. This was quite unexpected, riding along Gilbert Road, I came across this lot which was labelled "free stuff" (actually "free sh^t") and included a ......

green milk crate of the type I was after.

Milk Crates #2, 3, 4: A bit further on, at the Outlook recycling center, various crates for soft drinks, bread and milk were for sale, 

along with lots of bikes of the less popular styles,

and I .......

purchased milk crates #'s 2, 3 & 4 for the princely sum of $1.00 each. This is how I took them home.

I spent about 3 hours today riding the Box Hill Purple Peugeot NS22 single speed clunker on a 22k round trip to the Outlook recycling in Darebin.

Don't have much more to say beyond what the pictures do, except that the trip there on the mostly quiet roads was much more pleasant that the trip home on the much more crowded creekside bike path. There were walkers with phones, walkers with headphones, speeding cyclists, slow joggers, fast joggers and families and kids on bikes in abundance on this warm Autumn day. I will try to steer away from it next time and come home a bit less ruffled. Next post is here .

Regards  Steve Nurse

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