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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Box Hill Purple Racks

As purchased

Fixing brakes, dewiring.

With front crate fitted

Front detail

Milk crate on bike has gone to hang out with its mates being used as chairs off a nearby laneway.

Front adapter, underneath. The tabs hanging off the edge are at the front. They slot under part of the rack and the square tabs slot in. Cutouts at opposite end keep the occy strap tidy.

Top. Diamond keys into crate base pattern.

Side view.

Test ride.

Fossil phone communication (received text message) used to get the address for Yarraville Orange and Yarraville White pickup. From here the next step is to look it up in the Melways (street directory book), not whizzing, swooshing or otherwise spiriting the address through to some sort of gps app thingy.
Yarraville Orange and Yarraville White.  This morning and yesterday I hung the wheels up high to make room for these extra bikes.

Me in the backyard with Box Hill Purple.

Hi, today I finished a front bike adaptor for another Peugeot NS22 folding bike I bought which I'm calling Box Hill Purple. (Purple Preston Peugeot or Box Hill Blue Bicycle might have rhymed better but I'm going with the truth on this occasion!) Anyway, the bike is set up as a single speed, and it worked fine on a short shopping and get-out-of the house ride this afternoon. I will work on a back rack soon and might even do an engineering drawing of it before I start. The locally-found 7mm plywood is a good material, I think the whole of the front rack could be made using 7mm ply, a few screws and an occy strap.

Regards  Steve Nurse 

Today's ride for shopping, April 6, another crate bike with.....

cable ties for fasteners.
Update, April 7, 2020. Using 2d cad I drew this plan for the back rack last night, and
used it to make parts for the back rack. I bought an extra occy strap.
This was the fairly careful setup I did for cutting 28 mm wide strip of plywood. Tommorrow I will finish it off, its just a bit of sawing and screwing together mainly.
Rack on rack adapter to position timber strips.  I didn't account for the rack supports getting in the way, so

drilled out some clearance holes. Will put them into the drawing soon.

Without rear milk crate


With 2 crates.

Another way to do 2 crates!

Side view with bulldog clip

Late this afternoon, I finished off the back crate adapter for the bike.  The drawing worked quite well, and I wasn't running to and from the bike all the time measuring. A few small tweaks to the drawing, not much. Latest drawing below. This post covers several days work, I have since reverted to daily updates, starting here.

Regards  Steve nurse

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