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Monday, April 20, 2020

Peugeot NS22 derailleur restoration

2 Simplex derailleurs from Peugeots and a Shimano from the shed.
The problem!  Busted pulley wheels from Simplex (left) and securing bolt is too big for the equivalent Shimano parts (right).
The solution!  Drill out the Shimano centre bushings in the lathe and the

side-plates in the vice.
Back together!

And here's one in action. This design is great but its not obvious until you see the part installed. The limit screws are in plain sight, and its simple to see what they do.

A new addition bought today, DeVer Blue which was a trade in from Bikes De Ver just down the road. I pootled on it in our street. This was the first time I'd ridden one with its original derailleurs fitted since starting to muck around with these in February.

For trainspotters! You can read all about these derailleurs in The Dancing Chain by Frank Berto
Yes I know, if your not into bike mechanics this is probably as boring as f....   all hell. Nevertheless this is a bikes blog so here we go. Pics above show resuscitation of a Simplex derailleur using parts from the shed, and a new addition to the stable. I plan to sell Dever Blue with crate adapters on it to see if there's a market for my design.


Steve nurse

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