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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Dead Peugeot Society

Checking out the frame of Yarraville Orange.

Ouch! The back's bent a bit and the pedal bangs into it.

Yarraville White

Gearchange, derailleur, chain. Donated from the dead Yarraville orange, and should turn Box Hill Purple which I intend to keep from a single speed into a 5 speed. Woohoo.

Over the last few days, I've varnished a few of the wooden crate adapters I made and also started work on the Yarraville Peugeot NS22 bikes I mentioned first in this post. Because it is the better-looking frame, my first thought was to fix the orange frame as a standard folding bike.

But there was a problem as the back of the frame was bent.  This came as something of a relief, as it relieves me of having to find extra parts to fix both bikes. So the white bike will be fixed, and I can make very good use of the orange frame as a donor vehicle for other projects. Firstly I can put gears on Box Hill Purple, and later I might turn the orange bike into a front wheel drive recumbent.


Steve Nurse

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