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Friday, March 27, 2020

Milk crate adapter for bike

Rear rack adapter for milk crate.....

doubles as stand.
View underneath of bike standing on the adaptor. The top 3 timber assemblies act as hooks and guides, and the bottom one is a guide.  The guides stop the adaptor moving relative to the rack as long as it is pressed down flat on the rack

Top view showing wooden tabs which act as hooks for the crate.

Everything is held down by the elastic cord.

Central top hook and elastic cord recess.

Top view

View from below

Labelled top view. The "secures base" parts fit into the pattern in the bottom of the crate.
Side view

Labelled bottom view.

My wife Christine happy with my load carrying efforts.


For a while, I have been working on the Dead Peugeot NS22 of Field Street. I wrote about load carrying on it here, and brakes and stand here, and brakes here, and retrieving it here.

My work on the bike involved fitting more useful racking and I made a rear rack from scratch, then adapted it to take a milk crate.  And I adapted the front rack to take a milk crate, and this adaptor ended up being removable.

Resurrected Peugeot

Rear rack on Peugeot. "Diamonds" lock into the crate base pattern, and 2 wing bolts hold the crate down.

Front rack on Peugeot. The timber part and the crate come off when the elastic strap is removed. Note the frame around the base of the crate.

So I thought "I had something here" with what I'd done so decided to try my hand with a new rear rack version.  Although my mule train bike (actually a Victoria separating bike) is quite special and has undergone many changes since I purchased it in 2013,  the back rack was relatively plain and untouched.

So about 2 days ago I started on the crate adaptor for the mule train bike.  And its come out ok.  I hope this gives you enough information to build one.  For now the white bike is on loan to Jo, and I had a debut ride on the super sooped up Victoria today.

It worked well.  In our suburb, people often leave stuff they don't want outside their houses, and this has only increased since the onset of Corvid 19 and lockdowns, so when I got near home I cruised a few backstreets and managed to find a whole lot of balls of wool in a plastic bag.  I presented these to Christine and she was happy!  More follows here.

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